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Read on about our feature Bombshell: Aris Suchinroj, founder of FyrFly Athletics

FyrFly Athletics  | @fyrflynyc

FyrFly Athletics | Rue Saint PaulWhat is your passion project? Why did you start it? 

My passion project is FyrFly Athletics - we make products for active people who want quality, functionality, and thoughtful aesthetics without breaking the bank. Currently, our targeted audience are those who run, cycle, or exercise outdoors at night. Our first product is a reflective vest designed to fit all sizes across genders.

It all started when I was bike commuting 80+ miles a week from Brooklyn to Manhattan in the summer of 2017. I needed something to feel safe and seen by cars at night when I’d get off of work late. There wasn’t anything on the market that looked nice without being super expensive (at least for me). I thought safety should be a given and thought about all of the people who forego safety for the sake of saving some money or style (no one wants to pull up into the office looking like a crossing guard), so with my professional background in design, I developed the reflective vest.

What has been the most challenging and most rewarding part of building your project?

The most challenging part has been to figure out all of the components needed to get the product out on the market and for the right people to find us.  The most rewarding part is when the right people DO find us and let us know what a good job we’ve done in fitting their needs. It’s always heart-warming to know that you’ve made something other people find useful.

FyrFly Athletics | Rue Saint Paul

What brought you to Brooklyn? How long have you lived here? What Brooklyn neighborhood do you live in?

I moved to New York to study at Pratt Institute, my dream design school. I fell in love with this wonderful city and never left. I've been in Brooklyn for about 8 years. I spent 2 years in Astoria and now I live by Prospect Park which is to run in. :)

Describe your style in 3 words?

Simple, comfortable, sporty.

What is the one fashion accessory you cannot live without?

Good looking sneakers.

We love to travel and hope you do too. Where was your last trip and where is your next one?

I love to travel and wish I could do more of it!  My last trip was a quick getaway to Puerto Rico. My next one will be to Hawaii for my best friend’s wedding. It's also where we grew up.

If you didn’t live in Manhattan/Brooklyn, where would you want to live?

Montreal, Portland, Singapore

FyrFly Athletics | Rue Saint Paul

Learn more | FyrFly Athletics  | @fyrflynyc

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  • Kamilla

    I like the design of this reflective vest. Looks very practical and it is a great idea. I have many friends who bike even though I don’t. I will share this on my feed. Nice job Aris

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