An Insider's Guide | Monthly Guide to Shopping Like a Pro

Did you know that jeans usually go on sale in October or athletic wear is usually marked down in May? Did you know that sample sale season is in April and August is the best time to buy swimwear? Read on for a month-by-month insider's guide on what retailers are doing with their inventory so you know how to maximize your wallet potential and get the best styles before someone else finds them!


January: The holidays are over and this is your final chance to grab sales on last year's fall/winter collection. It's a particularly good time to shop if you are looking for sizes that are less popular. However, if you are looking for the most common sizes on hangers, your selection will be limited as racks have been picked through during the November and December holiday sales. It doesn't mean you may not pick up something that you really love! If you're looking for suits or a winter coat still, this is the best time to buy. It just happens that January is the slowest season for suits, so if you have an interview or just need new quality suits, this is the time to swipe the plastic. 

February: You may be still be drinking hot coco and trying to keep warm, but the retail world has already moved on to spring. The new warm weather clothes will just be hitting the shelves. Get the last of winter coats on sale and of course the jewelry. If you want fine jewelry, this is the month to get it.

March: A transitional month in fashion. With the spring collection slowly taking over racks, this is the time to start reviewing which staples and one of a kind pieces you want for spring and summer. It's also a great time to start planning for your vacations for the year and get some new luggage as they will be on sale this month!

April: Oh it's officially spring and that means sample sale season. If you are lucky enough to be a sample size, then April is the month you should be hitting up all of the sample sales you can find where you will find treasures you would not even has look at full price. This is also a great month to find discounts on raincoats and new sneakers!

May: As the weather warms in spring, you'll find retailers offering athletic wear just in time to start your warm weather outside workout routine again. Even though the weather's just getting warm consistently and the flowers are finally blooming, the spring collection is already marked down. With Memorial Day sales all around, this will also be the first big sale for spring wear. Get your new dress for the first summer BBQ. Hurry, because these sales go fast. 

June: You may planning your Fourth weekend to the Hamptons, but the pre-fall collection is already starting to hit stores. 

July: Retailer's are making room for the fall collection rolling into their stock rooms. Shop now for summer sales while sizes are still available. 

August: Enjoy the dog days of summer while it lasts and make sure you have a killer wardrobe to make the most of it. Now is the time to grab new swimwear on sale. The final sales on spring is going on now and summer discounts are just getting steeper. 

September: We love the new warmth of spring and the heat of the spring, but nothing gets us more excited for a new wardrobe than fall. Shop the new fall styles that will have you feeling like a new person for fall. Since you're shopping, September is also the best time to get your self a new pair of sunnies. 

October: With the back to school madness over, the shops may be a little less crowded. So get in there and look for some fabulous fall finds. October is also the best time time to buy jeans on sale!  

November: We know your main concern is whether to wear stretchy pants or dress on Thanksgiving, but the longest fashion is already here. For the lucky ones, you can now get your beach cover ups and swimsuits. Of course we can't forget about all the Thanksgiving sales: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. This is your first chance at fall mark downs and also your best time of the year to get steals on luxury collections that don't regularly go on sale other times in the year. December is also a great time fr deals on pajamas sets and sneakers.

December: Twenty-five days until the Christmas. Shop the holiday sales on sweaters, outerwear, and boots. While the sales won't be as steep as January, December is still you best chance to get the things you want in your size. 

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