Reimagining the future of fashion, Tsuki was founded to prove it’s possible to unify premium quality, beautiful design, ethical manufacturing, and sustainable practices without costing a fortune. Each purchase creates a lasting impact on the fashion industry. 

      Tsuki is a committed team of designers and jewelry lovers who are passionate about making luxury jewelry accessible and ethical. Their social and environmental impact is founded on the belief that even the smallest of our choices can create a lasting impact somewhere else, and that gives us great power to create change for the better. They acknowledge that providing fair compensation for one's work is an essential human right that gives way to many other basic human rights. TSUKI artisans and suppliers work from small businesses that have a vital role in lifting families out of poverty, and that is why they are committed to helping them succeed. Additionally, for every purchase, TSUKI donateS any remaining funds to support the developing communities they source products from. This give and take approach ensures your purchase gives back.

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