Vacations, parties, events, or everyday. You can rent select pieces from our shop for 14 days at a time.
By renting from Rue Saint Paul, you accept the following Rental Terms and Conditions:
  1. Rental due date: Rentals are due within 14 days of initial rental date. The due date is stamped to your rental receipt. If the piece is returned 15 days after the return due date or not returned, the piece is considered not returned and you will be charged 1.25x the full retail price.
  2. Late fees: Late rentals are charged $5 per day late per garment.
  3. Insurance / damages: If  you purchased Rental Insurance, you will not be charged for minor stains and/or damages. If you choose not to purchase Rental Insurance, you will be charged the dry cleaning and/or repair cost for minor stains and damages. If the piece is damaged beyond repair or it is stolen, you will be charged the full retail price of the item (not covered by Rental Insurance). We do not suggest that you attempt to fix any damages yourself. Trust us, this usually leads to permanent damage. Garments do not need to be washed or dry-cleaned at the time of return.
  4. Purchasing rentals: The purchase price of the garment is labeled on your rental. Should you wish to purchase the piece you rented, send an email to before the end of your rental due date and we will automatically charge your credit card on file.
  5. Credit card information: You agree to allow Rue Saint Paul to securely save your credit card information for late fees and damage charges.