The Story | Rue Saint Paul

Conceived in Paris & born in Brooklyn, Rue Saint Paul champions independent designers, kind creations, and sustainable materials.

We recognize that there is humanity behind every product and that we are all connected through the things we choose to have in our lives.

We believe that our connections to each other and to the things we own help us be a little happier, a lot kinder, and ever more empathetic to the world we all share.


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FOUNDER'S STORY // Kelly Wang spent years living on 5 continents and traveling to 6 of them. Every time she returned home, she yearned for her favorite neighborhood boutique in Paris, the quirky home store in Melbourne, or the sassy jewelry store in Tokyo. Yet, all she was able to find were the same fast fashion stores and international labels available in every city; places where the value of its products did not come from its design, quality, or craftsmanship, but from its label, which let's be honest, all had the same MADE IN tag.

She missed the stories, the one of a kind treasures, the quality, and the inspirations of independent labels and designers she'd fell in love with abroad.

In 2018, Kelly left her ten year Finance career and launched Rue Saint Paul from her home in Brooklyn, New York.

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