Brand Member FAQ

What is a Rue Saint Paul Brand Member?

Here’s how it works:

  • Join the Rue Saint Paul | Sustainable Collective as a Brand Member for a monthly fee of $50 - $200

  • Send us the products you want to sell through our Brooklyn and/or online store

  • You are paid 90% of your total in-store product sales and 85% of your total online product sales

  • Payments are made to you monthly

  • The 10% we retain for in-store sales goes toward credit card processing fees and helps us keep the lights on at the shop. The 15% we retain for online sales goes toward credit card processing fees, packaging, and our time and effort in listing the products.

Why should I become a Brand Member?

We all know multi-channel distribution is the future of retail. You have an online shop that’s doing great. Swell! But scaling that shop and acquiring more customers is expensive. So you started taking wholesale orders to expand your distribution. Wonderful! But the seasonal song and dance with your stockists often doesn’t feel like it’s worth the margins you have to share with them or your showroom agency. Setting up your own showroom is a dream, but entirely too expensive.

At Rue Saint Paul, we understand the struggles of growing a brand. That’s why we want to find a way to help sustainable brands grow by giving them a new distribution channel that’s high return and low risk.

  • Affordable distribution with high returns: Our monthly membership is priced at a product’s average retail price for most brands. Meaning, most brands recoup their membership fee with just one sale a month. The rest is, well, just gravy.

  • Flexible retail: Online is great, but (surprise!) people still shop and discover brands in-stores. Fairs and pop-ups are expensive and stockists give you little control. Become a member and give your brand its own Brooklyn showroom, without the expensive lease and operational hassle. 

  • Sell what you want: Be in control and sell directly to customers. Test out new products, make money from samples, clean out last season's stock, move online inventory, or sell your latest season. The choice is yours.

  • Give your online store a NYC showroom: Become a Brand Member and let our store be your brand's showroom. Sick of online returns or abandoned carts? Send your online shoppers our way and they can touch, feel, and try on your beautiful products in-person. 

  • Social media content: With over 9,000 Instagram followers, our posts get a lot of sustainable loving, eco-conscious eyeballs.

  • Free /discounted access to special event and pop-up space: Want to host a special event or a holiday pop-up in our shop? All brands in the collective have first dibs on the space and Brand Members get to use the space for free.

How much does it cost to become a Brand Member?

Brand membership is offered at a monthly rate with a three-month minimum. Brands can choose to extend their membership at three months intervals. Our monthly membership is priced at a product’s average retail price for most brands. Meaning, most brands recoup their membership fee with just one sale a month. Membership fee is based on the category of the brand:

  • Clothing, bag, and footwear brands: $200 / month

  • Jewelry brands: $150 / month

  • Beauty brands: $50 / month

  • Home and gift brands: $150 / month

  • Other accessories: Tell us what you sell and we will find the right membership fee for your brand.

How do I become a Brand Member?

If you would like to become a Brand Member, simply fill out and submit our Sustainable Collective application. We will be in touch in a few days.

What types of brands can become Brand Members?

We curate sustainably and ethically conscious lifestyle brands that align with one or more of our 10 Sustainable Values derived from the Higg Index and the Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations.

We ask that brands must meet at least one of our 10 Sustainable Values. You can tell us which values represent your brand in the Sustainable Collective application.

We welcome both U.S. and international brands.

How do I send my products to the shop?

Brands in the New York City area can bring their products directly to the shop. Other brands can ship the products directly to the shop. Shipping costs to and from the store are the responsibility of the brand.

What products can I sell with Rue Saint Paul?

You choose the products you want to sell. You can test out new products, sell your samples, sell last season, or this season. 

For clothing, we suggest 5 – 7 styles in 2 of each size. For other products, we suggest 5 – 7 SKU’s and 2 of each item. We suggest sending us max of 30 SKU’s.

We do reserve the right to refuse sale of any products if we deem the product(s) to be offensive, inappropriate, and/or do not fit with our values. 

Can I change the products during the membership?

Yes, we recommend swapping out the products at least once during your membership.

How will I be charged for my membership?

You will be invoiced and charged automatically each month.

How often will I be paid for my sales?

Brands receive a monthly payout of 90% of all brand sales in-store and 85% of all brand sales online. Payments are based on the retail price of the product as determined by the brand. Sales taxes are collected by Rue Saint Paul and remitted directly to the appropriate tax agency. Sale taxes are not included as part of the brand payout.

How will I be paid for my sales?

All payments will be made in USD and paid via Paypal or another form agreed upon with the brand.

What happens at the end of the membership?

We will ship any unsold products back to you. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the brand.

How will you sell my products online?

In addition to placing your products in our Brooklyn shop, you may also choose to include your products on our online shop. If you choose this option, you will need to send us photos, price, and a description of the product. We will ship products directly to customers.

Can I host brand events or pop-ups at the store?

Absolutely. All Brand Members are welcome to use our Brooklyn store for special brand events at no cost. All events must be approved and scheduled with Rue Saint Paul.

What is your return and exchange policy? Will I still be paid if a product is returned or exchanged.

You can review our return policy here. As a Brand Member, you agree to sell you products with us under our return policy. If a Brand Member’s product is returned to us, we will automatically deduct the refunded amount from any sales payouts for that month.

Being a Brand Member isn’t right for us, but we still want to work with Rue Saint Paul. Can we work with you on a consignment or wholesale basis?

Absolutely. We want to support as many sustainable brands as possible and there are multiple ways to be a part of the Rue Saint Paul | Sustainable Collective. If you are a new brand that’s just getting started, consigning with us is a great way to test out your products. Learn how to become a Consignment Partner here.

For wholesale, we only work with a select number of brands. This allows us to dedicate our showroom space to a larger number of Brand Members and Consignment Partners. This also allows us to rotate brands more frequently and give more sustainable brands a chance to connect with our customers.