COVID-19 Update

UPDATED 6/7/2020

Hi RSP friends,

On March 17, we temporarily closed our Brooklyn shop to combat the spread of COVID-19. Having only opened our brick and mortar location in February, this was an incredibly difficult decision. However, we felt we could no longer keep our doors open in good faith while the spread was continuing in our greater NYC community. On March 22, Governor Cuomo issued the New York State on PAUSE executive order mandating the closure of non-essential businesses, which applied to our shop.

Like small businesses and families across the country, we must still meet our financial obligations with closed doors including rent (our landlord allowed us to defer while closed), utilities, insurance, taxes, and inventory to sustain sales. We have sought relief where possible, but unfortunately most government relief programs and private grants are inaccessible to us due to our small size and because we are new. Even so, we are choosing to be hopeful and are determined to fight through this storm so we can reopen our doors when it is safe to do so for our staff and community. 

Since our temporary closure, we have made multiple changes to ensure that our customers can support us safely and without hassle including free U.S. shipping, free local Brooklyn delivery, and free curbside pick-up. We also understand the desire to support our loved ones even when we cannot be there physically. We started packing Because I Care Boxes as a way to send love and comfort to those too far away for a hug. 

So much of what we've felt during this time is helplessness. Through much of the emotional roller coaster and after gathering our selves, we wanted to be part of the solution as much as possible. With the help of our sustainable brand partner, Good Krama, we are also offering affordable non-medical grade, reusable, cotton zero waste face masks to our community. With the help of your mask orders, we have donated almost $900 to Direct Relief to help provide PPE for front line workers between March and May 2020. Your mask orders from June and July 2020 will go toward our own COVID-19 Support Fund and help us reopen our Brooklyn shop! We sincerely appreciate all your support!

During this time, our online community has truly become our lifeline. Every order we send out is packed with so much gratitude. Whether you are a frontline worker, a mom working at home with kids, a single gal living alone, or just anyone, we know how difficult this time is. We wish we would give each one of you a giant hug. 

Until we can control COVID-19 scientifically and with a vaccine, we have to be vigilant and protect each other. When the time comes for us to fully reopen, we will follow all state and federal guidelines plus above and beyond measures to operate safely. We have created this page with the latest news on our shop status, safe operating procedures, and community efforts. Check in anytime to see how we are operating during COVID-19

Stay well and be safe,



Open for pick-up Thursday – Sunday from 12pm to 4pm.

In accordance with the New York Forward phased reopening plan, in Phase I, we are only allowed to operate on a limited basis with in-store pick-up. Local customers can shop online at and pick up orders from our shop.

Customers will be asked to wear facial coverings (covering both nose and mouth) and maintain at least 6 feet between our shop employees and other customers.


Our online shop remains open 24 hours a day with free U.S. shipping. Please expect a 1-3 day delay in fulfillment and delivery of orders. 


Our safety guidelines are in accordance with the “Interim guidance for curbside and in-store pickup retail business activities during the COVID-19 public healthy emergency” by the New York State Department of Health

  • Face covering: Employees must wear face coverings when interacting with customers or other employees. Customers must wear face coverings during in-store pick-up. Acceptable face coverings for COVID-19 include but are not limited to cloth-based face coverings and disposable masks that cover both the mouth and nose. We reserve the right to deny entry to individuals who do not wear face coverings.
  • Social distancing: All customers are be required to practice social distancing during in-store pick-up and remain 6 feet apart from each other and our shop employees. Only two customers are allowed inside the shop during in-store pick up at all times.
  • Contactless shopping: All in-store pick-ups will take place at the designated area of our shop where social distancing can be practiced.
  • Hand sanitizer: Employees must follow our shop’s hand sanitizing policy which includes at a minimum, sanitizing hands after each customer transaction and before/after handling any merchandise.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing: We will clean and sanitize all high touch and surface areas of our shop in accordance with our safety plan that is line with DOH guidelines.
  • Checkout, payment, and receipt: Only contactless payment methods will be accepted (no cash). All receipts will be emailed or texted. 
  • Returned merchandise: All returned clothing will go through a 48-hour quarantine period before it is returned for sale.
  • Rentals and pre-owned: Our normal practice includes full eco-friendly dry cleaning before rental and pre-owned pieces are made available to customers. As an extra precaution, we will put in place a 48-hour quarantine period before garments returned from cleaners are made available for rentals/sale.
  • Try-ons: Clothing will not be available for try on during in-store pick-ups.

We will issue more safety guidelines for a full reopening when we are allowed to do so by state and local authorities.


The need from individuals to communities is incredible during this time. While there are so many organizations and efforts we believe in, we decided to support those on the front lines combating COVID-19. We have donated almost $900 to Direct Relief to help provide PPE for front line workers between March and May 2020.

With the help of our sustainable brand partner, Good Krama, we are also offering non-medical grade reusable zero waste face masks. While face masks may become the next hot fashion accessory, it is extremely important to us that at the peak of COVID-19, they are above all else, accessible. These face masks are made at an ethical Cambodian factory from fabric cut-offs that would otherwise be discarded. Packs of 4 are $24.